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Hailed in USA Today News as the special offseason workshop that made football teams special (read more here), Critical Insights Consulting, LLC provide coaches, players and staff a different approach that provides them immediate insight into how to more effectively enhance a player’s performance, build better relationships, communicate more effectively, manage conflict on and off the field and most importantly, how to build trust. Just to name a few.

Meet The Panelist

  • A must attend! I highly recommend that anyone that works with players at the collegiate or professional level get this formal training. It would have been great if I had this kind of insight when I first became director of player development.
    Ben Thomas
    Former NFL Player & Director of Player Development Auburn University
  • This program allows anyone working with student athletes to understand better how to accommodate them academically, socially, and totally. You will better understand the way your athlete thinks; but most importantly how and why they respond in different situations. As an educator and coach, my experience is that this workshop allows you to maximize the student athlete’s success on the field and off.
    Kerry Stevenson
    University of Alabama
  • Working with Dr. Evans and the Critical Insights team has been invaluable for our organization and for me, personally. It has given me insight and understanding into how to better work with players and coaches on a daily basis. It has also helped me learn how to communicate more effectively, which in turn has helped me become more efficient at my job and more valuable to our team.
    Marcus Pollard
    Former NFL Player and Director of Player Development Jacksonville Jaguars