Emergenetics is an assessment survey that allows you to measure the thinking and behavioral attributes of the individual. The survey was built on over 30 year of brain research and strengthen by additional psychological influences and analyses. The brain based focus creates a difference in emphases, relevancy, and applicability. It’s gender specific, in which science has proven males and females have proven to be different, therefore, Emergenetics measures in norms each gender separately.

What’s important about Emergenetics, is that it provides results that illustrate the individual both as an individual and an entity, as well as, the context of the general population. Essentially, Emergenetics measures both thinking preferences (analytical, structural, social, conceptual) and three major behavioral (assertiveness, expressiveness, flexibility) preferences. The unique combination of information provides a clear context for professional development than other tools.

This questionnaire will provide you with valuable feedback in terms of how to leverage your strengths and skill set as an individual and as a team. The questionnaire is designed to reflect your thinking and behavioral attributes as compared to the general population.